White River Trails District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Greene, Daviess, Lawrence,

Martin, and Orange Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman: Mark Young

District Commissioner: Frank Dixon

Field Director: Jon Ocheltree

District Executive: Rod Kates, (812) 219-5880

District News

Fall Recruitment and Covid-19 Challenges

There are two things I look forward to in the fall besides cooler temperatures: One is the colors of the landscape throughout Southern Indiana! I particularly love driving down the south corridor of I-69, where, the hills are alive with vibrant colors. I am sure the fall colors will be visible in all their glory, as they have been in the past. The other is Fall Recruitment. This is one of the most exciting and important times to Cub Scout Packs. Much planning and strategizing goes into preparing for the recruitment season. While Packs are working on their Year of Scouting, I enjoy visits with principals, delivering an exciting Scout Talk that has students yelling “Cub Scouts!” at the top of their lungs, and leaving fliers with school office personnel for distribution to each student. Although I believe the fall colors will, once again, be visibly spectacular this year, recruitment is going to look different. Due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the priority of keeping the safety and health of students, staff, and teachers as the priority has required school districts to limit in-person access to students and school facilities to outside groups. Because of these changes, units will need to identify a new location to hold the unit’s Join Scouts Night event and utilize all available marketing strategies to recruit new youth into Cub Scouts. Thus far, strategies that appear possible are fliers for distribution and Scout Talks in the form of videos played throughout the schools (not known, yet, if all schools have similar capabilities) and made available to families on social media sites. Other strategies that can be used outside of schools are yard signs, social media, radio spots, posters hung in businesses, announcements in church bulletins, etc. In addition to these, other very effective strategies are peer-to-peer and parent-to-parent. To help units achieve their growth goal and encourage Scouts to recruit their friends and family, a recruitment blitz contest will offer some cool prizes to be won in a drawing and a Recruiter strip to every Scout that recruits at least one new Scout into the unit.

Popcorn Campaign Starts Early, Safety is First Priority!

This year’s popcorn campaign is looking and starting a bit different from previous campaigns. Taking into considering the various challenges of Covid-19 and ensuring a productive and safe campaign, the 2020 Popcorn Campaign started two months early with a special online sale opportunity July 1st and ran to August 15th. Units could earn an additional 5% kickback on sales provided they met specific sales requirements. Secondly, Scouts began using one or both door-to-door marketing options, July 15th, which included the traditional paper form and the new Trail’s End (TE) app to secure orders from customers. The primary reason for the early start was to give units more time to raise the necessary funds to carry out the unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting plan. Moreover, with storefront sales most likely prohibited by many businesses due to social distancing challenges, units will need to rely on online Direct Sales and using the TE app while engaging customers during Wagon door-to-door sales. With safety for all participants in mind, online sales is considered the best option to limit contact between Scouts and customers. The TE mobile app, used during wagon door-to-door sales, is also a safe and effective way for Scouts to offer customers the opportunity to support Scouting by ordering popcorn. “To keep socially distanced, Scouts can take an Online Direct order on the TE app, then text the populated cart to the consumer so they can finish the payment on their phone.” As an incentive to Scouts, the prize structure has been revamped to allow Scouts to earn Amazon gift cards and buy the prizes they want. Additionally, units can earn up to a possible 41% total commission. The campaign is scheduled to run to December 20th, allowing units to reactheir fundraising goal. More information concerning the campaign and how to sign the unit up to sell and download the Trail’s End app can be found at the Hoosier Trials Council website under “Today’s Action Items.”

Join Scouts Recruitment Training

  The training video is online and accessible. Unit leaders are encouraged to view the useful content and begin working with the unit committee to plan the unit's Year of Scouting. Click on the video on the right side of                             this webpage.

    Hand Sanitizer Sale!

      A gallon of sanitizer is $30 (compared to $45-$70 online). Orders are filled within the week. Units can sell in bulk to organizations in their community!

A Scout is Clean, a Scout is Helpful, a Scout is Prepared! For any questions and to register your unit to sell, send an email to Jon.Ocheltree@scouting.org

Units Looking to Restart Unit Meetings and Activities

For units looking to restart unit meets and activities, check out RESTART SCOUTING CHECKLIST.

Scouting Continues in the face of COVID-19!

While Scouting events for June and July have been postponed or canceled, Hoosier trails Council, amongst several other councils nationwide, are making available opportunities such as merit badge fairs and electives (Cub Scouts) for Scouts to participate and keep Scouting going.

For more information click here.   

Several volunteers throughout the district need to renew their Youth Protection Training. There are also adult volunteers that need to complete position-specific training (Den Leader, Committee, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and assistants). To go to training click here.

Friends of Scouting 2020

While the 2020 Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign continues, the social distancing guidelines have prevented some units from having a FOS presentation, which, support raised goes toward the unit's Platinum goal. Once the guidelines are removed, units that still need a presentation contact Rod Kates to schedule presentation. Depending on when guidelines are modified, units may need to schedule for the Fall.  

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