White River Trails District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Greene, Daviess, Lawrence,Martin, and Orange Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman: Mark Young

District Commissioner: Frank Dixon

Field Director: Jon Ocheltree

District Executive: Rod Kates, (812) 219-5880

District News

White River Trails, Can You Cache Without a Trace!

Who loves a good nighttime scavenger hunt? For those attending the White River Trails Fall Camporee, scheduled for October 23rd-25th, at West Boggs Park, located north of Loogootee, IN, Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in the activity, as well as others. For the event, Scouts are encouraged to bring a compass for the activity. Please note that Scouts are discouraged from bringing cell phones or other mobile devices. The weekend will also include presentations given by guest speakers on Leave No trace. There will also be presentations given by guest speakers concerning Leave No Trace. Another opportunity exists for Scouts working on Communications Merit Badge. They will be given opportunities to help plan and lead certain activities such as games, closing campfire, and Sunday Chapel. Registration is open through October 18th. Don’t get left behind in the dark, register now!

Popcorn Campaign Starts Early, Safety is First Priority!

This year’s popcorn campaign is looking and starting a bit different from previous campaigns. Taking into considering the various challenges of Covid-19 and ensuring a productive and safe campaign, the 2020 Popcorn Campaign started two months early with a special online sale opportunity July 1st and ran to August 15th. Units could earn an additional 5% kickback on sales provided they met specific sales requirements. Secondly, Scouts began using one or both door-to-door marketing options, July 15th, which included the traditional paper form and the new Trail’s End (TE) app to secure orders from customers. The primary reason for the early start was to give units more time to raise the necessary funds to carry out the unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting plan. Moreover, with storefront sales most likely prohibited by many businesses due to social distancing challenges, units will need to rely on online Direct Sales and using the TE app while engaging customers during Wagon door-to-door sales. With safety for all participants in mind, online sales is considered the best option to limit contact between Scouts and customers. The TE mobile app, used during wagon door-to-door sales, is also a safe and effective way for Scouts to offer customers the opportunity to support Scouting by ordering popcorn. “To keep socially distanced, Scouts can take an Online Direct order on the TE app, then text the populated cart to the consumer so they can finish the payment on their phone.” As an incentive to Scouts, the prize structure has been revamped to allow Scouts to earn Amazon gift cards and buy the prizes they want. Additionally, units can earn up to a possible 41% total commission. The campaign is scheduled to run to December 20th, allowing units to reactheir fundraising goal. More information concerning the campaign and how to sign the unit up to sell and download the Trail’s End app can be found at the Hoosier Trials Council website under “Today’s Action Items.”

The Great Outdoors is Scouting’s Classroom!

There is a great quote from Robert Baden-Powell that serves as encouragement for challenging times such as we are now experiencing: “The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success.” How true it was when he said it and how truer it is now. The “outdoors” have always been the best classroom for Scouting. In a world where the inside of a building is now considered a caution zone, the outdoors remains Scouting’s natural habitat. With some units still unable to resume meetings in-doors, where, they once met for activities, other units have found outside locations such as parks and personal property to gather. Additionally, some units have camped and have future plans in place before the end of the year. While Covid-19 has encouraged restrictions for meeting indoors, Scouts have at their disposal the outdoors, which, is Scouting’s best classroom.  

“Do My Best”

Those words are very familiar to Scouting and are recited on a weekly basis during opening or closing of unit meetings. The message behind the three words are always a constant guide in any situation or season of life. While there are many questions, concerns, and even things beyond our control, doing our best is what we can choose to do. It is comforting to understand that we do not need to be perfect; we simply do our best. Although it is easy to allow the many challenges and changes that have come about because of Covid-19, to affect our attitude, we can remember the words of Robert Baden-Powell, who endured much adversity in life, as he encouraged other Scouts by saying, “A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”  He knew that challenges that brought changes were inevitable for everyone. Sometimes change comes because of challenges, others due to great opportunities that lie ahead, and many times because of both. While keeping a smile on our face and whistling our favorite tune, we focus on doing our best during the changes. As a matter of fact, this year has been all about challenges, changes, and how we have responded. With each one, and there have been many, we have been given the opportunity to “do our best.” Having said this, there will be a Town Hall style meeting via Zoom, in November, to discuss how best to address the challenges and changes the districts are experiencing now and others that are on the horizon. More information concerning the date and time will be forthcoming. Until then, keep a smile on your face and whistle your favorite tune, while doing your best.

Several volunteers throughout the district need to renew their Youth Protection Training. There are also adult volunteers that need to complete position-specific training (Den Leader, Committee, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and assistants). To go to training click here.

Recharter is Around the Corner

It seems odd to mention recharter at a time when not all units have held a recruitment event. However, recharter is something to at least keep on the back burner. The deadline for this year is November 30. Unit leaders will have time to contact current membership and begin assembling the unit’s recharter for the new year. We understand that units have faced challenges that have interfered with what has been the norm during late fall. Nonetheless, the Council support staff, unit-serving professionals, and the district unit commissioner corps will be ready to assist units with the process. Be watching for information from the Council to show up a few weeks from now.  

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