Scouting At Home 

Scouting can happen anywhere, and a lot can happen in your own home! At times when families are together for extended periods, conducting Scouting activities is a great option for parents to discover new ways to connect with and learn with their kids.

Follow along here and on our social media channels for frequent program updates and share your ideas for Scouting in a virtual and home environment.

Before starting any online activity, be sure to review the Cyber Chip requirements with your Scout and observe youth protection and online safety guidelines at all times.

Here you will find a resource hub for parents and leaders to help support Scouting at home, with stay-at-home educational activities for any Scout rank, tips for continuing to work on advancements and kid-friendly content that connects Scouting with their daily lives. We will continue to add new content and resources to this hub regularly.

Our goal is to make it easier to deliver the Scouting program by making plans more accessible to leaders and those who can help leaders like our parents.













Scout on through COVID-19 ScoutWiki’s page of ideas for Scouting activities to be done remotely while still feeling like a part of the unit.

Teen Mental Health During Quarantine Guide  Tips for parents and teens to help improve their mental health Scouting Resources from Seneca Waterways Council with ideas on remote Scouting activities and running meetings remotely.

Advancement Academy Check out some great webinars coming out of Portland, Oregon for digital den meetings and digital merit badge counseling

Scouting at Home Video Series  A YouTube video series to refine Scouting skills and to stay connected to our movement. 

Scouting at Home: Atlanta Area Council If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of things that Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA can do to Scout at home, this is it. The page features content directly from Schoolbook and includes ideas of other activities Scouts can do. Plus, suggestions for video platforms – and of course, reminders about the importance of following youth protection standards. 

At Home Scouting Activities Spirit of Adventure Council This web site features an entire selection of content designed to let Scouts have adventures without leaving home. The site includes links for youth of all ages, from live cams at zoos, to a range of support resources and videos to help Scouts work on merit badges.

National STEM in Scouting Committee  The committee has developed an online Nova for remote Scouting.  

30 Virtual Field Trips

Boys’ Life magazine  Find projects you can create from home and stories that will take young readers’ minds on adventures all over the world. In addition to the website, an entire year’s worth of issues is free in the BL apps.  

Bryan on Scouting Resources for families to continue Scouting while at home.

Educational Online Games

The Ten Best Ways to Get Free College Classes Online learning is at its best on this website, which includes courses from well-known and respected colleges like Princeton, Yale, University of California, and Univerity of Michigan. Coursera lets you browse through a myriad of subjects and pick those best suited to you. For an extra fee, you can also take exams, graded assignments, and get a final grade in some courses. 

Khan Academy Especially good for math and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S.. grade system, but it’s mostly common material. 

Future Learn Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (accounts require users to be at least 14, but younger learners can use with a parent). 

Open Learn Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University, but everyone can access it. Developed primarily for adults, but some courses, e.g.., nature and environment, could well be of interest to young people. 

Blockly Learn computer programming skills – fun and free. 

Scratch Creative computer programming. 

Ted Ed All sorts of engaging educational videos.

National Geographic Kids Activities and quizzes for younger kids.

Duolingo Learn languages for free.

Mystery Science Free science lessons.

The Kids Should See This Wide range of cool educational videos.

Crash Course YouTube videos on many subjects.

Crash Course Kids As above for a younger audience.

Crest Awards Science awards you can complete from home.

Tinkercad  All kinds of projects for making.

Prodigy Math Good for elementary school ages.

Big History Project Aimed at Secondary age, multi-disciplinary activities.

Geography Games Geography gaming! 

STEM Simulators 

Learn Computer Science 

The Artful Parent Good, free art activities linked to from this Facebook page.

Red Ted Art Easy arts and crafts for little ones.

The Imagination Tree Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.

Toy Theater Educational online games.

Amazing Educational Resources List of Education companies offering free subscriptions due to COVID Online education resources