Wapehani District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Brown, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman: Trent Carney

District Commissioner: Lindsey Smith

District Director: Jason Triplett, (219) 863-6564

District News

2017 Fall Recruitment: Congratulations, Cub Scout Packs!  We've successfully made it through all of our "1st Nighter" recruitment events.  Over 350 young men attended Join Scouts Nights throughout Brown, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen Counties from August 14th until August 24th.  OUTSTANDING!

The work doesn't end here!  We've got several applications still outstanding, including a few online.  We need to get these applications rounded up and submitted to the Council Service Center as soon as possible in order to process the new Scouts' membership and get them that FREE voucher for the 2017 Cub Scout Shoot-O-Ree!  If you have applications ready to get submitted, please contact Jason Triplett at (219) 863-6564 or jason.triplett@scouting.org to arrange for pick-up.

Webelos of Cub Scout Pack #121 Make a Difference!

While small in number, a group of just five Webelos from Cub Scout Pack #121 proved that they could provide a mighty service to their local community.  Five young men from the pack chartered by St. Paul United Methodist Church were able to collect, sort, and distribute nearly 900 books to three charity organizations in Bloomington.  Gavin Clinger, Trevor Kunz, Oscar McDermott-Sipe, Tyber McGlasson, and Luke Ramon chose to spend a number of hours of their summer vacation completing a service project to benefit local charities that provide programming to the underprivileged in Monroe County.

These Scouts found a need and rose to the challenge!  The local Head Start program, the Banneker Center, and the public library each had specific requests for books that they could use to benefit those they serve.  The boys reached out to the community by going door to door and making phone calls to friends and family asking for donations.  The response was amazing and more than they (or their parents) ever anticipated.  Working towards the Messengers of Peace project provided these five young men an opportunity to not only help a tremendous number of individuals but also to gain a glimpse at their potential to do good in our world.  Great work, Scouts!

Retention Convention DVDs: If you were unable to join us on May 11th for the Retention Convention, you truly missed out on a fun-filled night!  From free popcorn to great discussions with fellow leaders, there was something to take home for everyone - including your Hoosier Trails Council Resource DVD and Scoutbook access code.  The resource DVD even included both the Youth Protection Training video AND a Facilitator's Guide to offer the training to your leaders without the Internet!  Plenty of other great resources were included for all units to have the BEST YEAR EVER!

If you have not yet gotten your DVD, please contact District Director Jason Triplett at (219) 863-6564 or jason.triplett@scouting.org.  We'll get you set up right away!

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