Lenni Lenape District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Bartholomew, Decatur, Jackson and Jennings Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman: Rajesh Thyagarajan

District Commissioner: Blake Hudman, 812.552.3190

District Director: Jon Ocheltree, 812.325.6831

District News 

Lenni Fall Recruitment

Lenni Volunteers, below you will see this year’s flyer that will be distributed in the schools.  This year we have ordered 50,000 flyers, and 1000 new yard signs.  In addition to the standard recruitment supplies we have ordered 11,000 custom pencils due in before July 4th, 20 custom vinyl banners with the Join night date, 40,000 stickers with the join night and time, and 20,000 bookmarks for use in the open houses and community libraries. 

This will be a very exciting year for membership growth in the district.  We will need community teams to get together and canvas the local businesses with yard signs and posters the Saturday or Sunday before we talk in the schools.  Out Marketing Chair will be pushing out everything on social media and through the papers and radio but can use some help.  Remember the 7 points of contact and schedule you table at the open houses as that is a critical touch we can make on the families. Together let’s work hard for the month of August and have our celebration at the September Roundtable and then off to a great year of program.  If anyone has a well-spoken youth that would like to talk to the kids in the schools with me please send me their name.  In the past this has been very successful in reaching the kids.

If you need help recruiting adults, please contact me and I or a very capable volunteer will attend your parent orientation meeting and help you get the leadership you need and the kids deserve.

Have a great summer and I will be contacting you to set up our annual unit visit.


Fall Recruitment Resources

2018 Lenni Lenape Community Marketing Plan

2018 Unit Fall Membership Goals

2018 Flyer for Fall Recruitment 

2018 Sticker Design

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