Hoosier Hills District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Dearborn, Jefferson, Ripley, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman:  Marc Cerniglia, 860.212.2284

District Commissioner:  Bob Mattingly, 812.438.3182

District Executive:  Jules Erwin, 812.336.6809

It’s a Brand New Year in the Hoosier Hills District!

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. –Rainer Maria Rilke

We’re off to a great start in 2018 in the Hoosier Hills District and it all comes down to you—the most incredible adult leaders who demonstrate the ineffable spirit of volunteerism and enthusiasm for growing our Scouting family in our beautiful District.

Because of your efforts in 2017, we were able to exceed our Friends of Scouting goal! We did not do this in 2016.

Because of your passion for providing awesome opportunities for our Scouts, we were able to offer a Merit Badge Day, a Fall Hike, a District Cookout, and a Pinewood Derby for our units in 2017. This coming year, we’ll see a new Winter Camporee manifest, as well as more opportunities for training and advancement.

Because of your desire to help grow our great kiddos into even greater young adults, we had a wonderful fall recruitment in 2017 and new units in the works for 2018. This year, we’ll see our first ever female Cub Scouts join our ranks in the fall! Some of you are already holding applications, and this is thrilling!

Because of who you are, we have an outstanding team of District volunteers and leaders that make our Roundtables successful, our trainings more fun, and our meetings more and more interesting.

I have been really honored to serve the Hoosier Hills District in 2017. Every single person I have met in our District brings something valuable to the table and it’s incredible how much effort and excellence you all put into developing our Scouting family. Here’s to another awesome year in 2018! Thank you so, so, so much!!

Jules, District Executive

Bundle Up and Bring Your A-Game to the 2018 Hoosier Hills Winter Camporee: The Hanover Winter Games

The Hoosier Hills District is hosting an outstanding Winter Camporee in February at Hanover College. This year’s theme is “The Hanover Winter Games!”

The Winter Games are an awesome way to challenge yourself and others in series of activities, skill-testing, and experiences during the Winter Camporee. Teams will be patrol style and made of no less than six and no more than ten youth. Teams can register to participate on Friday at check-in. Bronze, Silver, and Gold winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Saturday Evening Campfire. Points can be earned for winning competitions, attending different program areas, completing different activities, and demonstrating skills. The Winter Games can include anything from orienteering, knots, first aid, nature study, hiking, and more! Be prepared to show off those Scout skills!

Cub Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in a version of the Winter Games and access to many of the same activities throughout the day!

You can register online by clicking here!

The Hoosier Hills District Pinewood Derby is Speeding to a Town Near You!

The Hoosier Hills District Pinewood Derby is right around the corner! District Derby Chairman Derek Preston has been working on bringing some new activities and experiences this year. The event itself will be on Saturday, March 3, at Dillsboro Elementary, located at 13200 North Street in Dillsboro. Check-in will begin at 9:00 am. Registration is now open online at https://scoutingevent.com/145-14375. A complete list of District Pinewood Derby rules is also on the registration site. If you have any questions, ideas, or want to volunteer, please contact Derek Preston.

Hoosier Hills District Merit Badge Day

The Hoosier Hills District Merit Badge Day will be at Camp Louis Ernst on Saturday, April 14th. We’ll be focused on more outdoor merit badge work in 2018. We’ll also be offering some adult leader training during the event! Mark your calendars now. Information will be posted soon on the Hoosier Trails Council web-based calendar. If you are willing to help with this event, please contact Jules Erwin or at 812 320 6621.

New Sharing Space for Units!

Look to the right of this web page, and you'll see a bulletin board for our District. This posting board is available to everyone in the District. Looking for ideas for a Blue and Gold Banquet, or have a great one to share? Post it and share it! Have a couple spaces open on a Venture Crew outing? Let the District know! Questions, ideas, gear tips, and more are all awesome things for our bulletin board. Make use of our new communication tool!

District Bulletin Board


Click here to post on the district bulletin board.

Do you have a talent for teaching outdoor-focused merit badges? We could use your help in planning the 2018 Hoosier Hills District Merit Badge Day on April 14th at Camp Louis Ernst. Contact Jules to lend a hand!