Hoosier Hills District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Dearborn, Jefferson, Ripley, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman:  Marc Cerniglia, 860.212.2284

District Commissioner:  Bob Mattingly, 812.438.3182

District Executive:  Jules Erwin, 812.336.6809

Welcome Back!

Back to school means back to Scouts for a lot of our Cub Scout Packs! This year, we've been adding to our ranks by welcoming girls into the Scouting family as official Cub Scouts. Most units have had their first Join Scouts Night in August, with several in September. We will be following up throughout the fall. Help us change lives and grow stronger and more confident adults in your community. We want to reach all the kids we can!

You can help in a few ways:

1. Volunteer to put signs and posters around your community to advertise the BeAScout.org website that helps connect kids with Scouting units.

2. Interested in the Exploring program? Are you a firefighter? Health Care worker? Policeman? We can start a Post in your community! This is a great way to connect kids with careers, as well as being an adult that stays connected with "kids these days!"

3. Help out with a unit. We always need more adult leaders. Even the tiniest bit of volunteering can make a huge impact!

The Happenins' in the Hills

We have a few really awesome events headed your way in the Hoosier Hills District! You can help out by getting involved and donating your time and talent to our program committee!

Fall Hike @ Hanover College - The first Saturday in November, we always have our annual fall hike. This is open to all Scouts and their friends! This year, we have some treats in store with a morning on the campus trails and then a football game!

Merit Badge Day - January will see the return of our District Merit Badge Day. Are you able to be an instructor for this fun day of learning and trying things out? Let us know!

Spring Camporee - You asked, we answered. Expect a spring camporee out at Camp Louis during mid-April!!

Family FOS Presentations and Results

This past spring, the Hoosier Hills District worked diligently to finish up all the Family Friends of Scouting presentations for your units. Family FOS results can determine whether or not your unit becomes a Platinum JTE unit, which means discounts and recognition for your gang. As it stands, we have a handful of units that have reached their Platinum FOS Goal. Congratulations to these units who are on their way to Platinum JTE!

Troop 604

Pack 610

Pack 620

Pack 636

Troop 646

Pack 692

Troop 693

Pack 693

Pack 708

Troop 717

Pack 718

Pack 719

Troop 721

Not on this list? You still have time! Many units are very, very close to their goals. Talk to your parents, grandparents, and guardians. See if you can help your unit make its goal!


Sharing Space for Units!

Look to the right of this web page, and you'll see a bulletin board for our District. This posting board is available to everyone in the District. Looking for ideas for a Blue and Gold Banquet, or have a great one to share? Post it and share it! Have a couple spaces open on a Venture Crew outing? Let the District know! Questions, ideas, gear tips, and more are all awesome things for our bulletin board. Make use of our new communication tool!

District Bulletin Board


Click here to post on the district bulletin board.

Do you have a talent for teaching outdoor-focused merit badges? We could use your help in planning the 2018 Hoosier Hills District Merit Badge Day on April 14th at Camp Louis Ernst. Contact Jules to lend a hand!