Hoosier Hills District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Dearborn, Jefferson, Ripley, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman:  Jeff Heidlage, 812.569.6442

District Commissioner:  Bob Mattingly, 513.477.8680

District Executive:  Jules Erwin, 812.336.6809

Welcome to a new year of scouting with the Hoosier Hills District!

It’s been an exciting and interesting several months since I was lucky enough to start serving our awesome district. I wanted to take a minute to give you my first impressions and express my gratitude for working with so many wonderful folks.

Jumping in to the middle of Fall Recruitment was quite an experience. With the leadership of Chris Townsend and Penny Wagner, we did our best to grow our district. Literally, we’ve got pages of notes and ideas for our next round in 2017. We may not have achieved our overall goals this time, but it’s so very obvious that we have a strong community of volunteers who are dedicated to serving the boys of Hoosier Hills and giving their time and talents to promote the ideals of scouting in our district. I know it’s eight months from now, but I honestly can’t wait to see what we do next fall!

Popcorn Sales!! Wow! Another new experience for me. I would love to hug every one of the employees at the popcorn warehouse for their friendly help and unfailing assistance. Thank you so much, Chris Nutley, for making this warehouse happen for us! To every single Popcorn Kernel…my hat’s off to you! You were AMAZING. Thank you for your perseverance and determination…and all the laughs and good times playing “Popcorn Tetris” in the backs of trucks and vans. I love how eager many of our district volunteers are to help other units, too. There was a lot of fellowship and teamwork—hauling boxes, transporting orders, loading vehicles, and sharing the work. We have the best people!

We also had a really excellent Fall Hike organized by Kevin Bruegge and his team of helpers. The weather was outstanding, and the location at Beaver Creek Nursery opened up a whole new spectrum of activities and partnerships that units can take advantage of on the property. There were over one hundred participants for this annual event. Activities included campfire food, first aid instruction, tomahawk throwing, and more. We’ve got some really cool plans for next year already percolating!

So, as we close out 2016 and start to look ahead to 2017, know that our fantastic volunteer management team has had many discussions, informal chats, quick texts, longer emails, and tons of telephone conversations about how to grow our beautiful district and offer more opportunities to come together and promote scouting in our fair five counties. Keep an eye on the calendar, as we hope to offer some new opportunities for trainings within your units. We’re also looking way ahead at some new camping and program opportunities in late 2017 and 2018.

If you have ideas or talents to share with the district, don’t hesitate to contact me. We’re looking for volunteers to serve on our Finance Committee, as well as help us operate our FOS campaign right now. However, there are MANY ways to get involved. One thing I love is the camaraderie that our management team shares. We would love to invite you to volunteer on a district level with us!

Finally, I just want to say that I am thrilled to be serving the Hoosier Hills District. It’s never a bad day when I get to drive the familiar roads into our five counties and find myself in great company, working together to serve youth in scouting. Thank you for the warm welcome and all the help so far!

Enjoy this excellent spring!


Our Family Friends of Scouting Campaign is Happening Now

Hoosier Trails Council is set to kick off the 2017 Friends of Scouting campaign and we are eager for your support and help. As part of this effort, our beautiful Hoosier Hills District will be coordinating a Family Friends of Scouting campaign to raise the money needed in order to invest in our youth and their bright futures.

If you are reading this, I know that you find Scouting to be a truly worthwhile experience for our boys, as well as the girls served by our Venturing and Exploring programs. The principles that Scouting teaches are as relevant today as they were when the Boy Scouts began over one hundred years ago. The youth we serve grow to be better leaders, more confident and forthright adults, and environmentally concerned and aware citizens.

If you believe that investing in youth through Scouting is an important part of helping to grow a population of people that stand for what is good and what is right in the world, then please join us in our efforts to support the Friends of Scouting campaign.

We are currently working to schedule Family Friends of Scouting campaigns for each unit in our district. Our 2017 Family Friends of Scouting coordinator, Emily Preston, will be working with units to find the best time to schedule a presentation for your unit. Typically, we hope to do these very short presentations during a Court of Honor or a Blue and Gold Banquet. If you know the dates for these events, please work with Emily to schedule these presentations. You can reach her at derekandemily7(at)gmail.com.

Roundtable; Where Leadership Comes to Play

Have you been to a Roundtable yet? I mean, sure, it’s a bit of drive for some of us. And oh geez, a Thursday night! But, hey, it’s a great way to kick off your weekend and recharge. A room of friendly faces and an ever-improving slate of programs, practices, and trainings really make the Hoosier Hills District Roundtable a great way to spend a couple hours. Carpool with your friends and use the time to plan activities and even just further the aims of fellowship with your buddies. Don’t miss out! It’s the second Thursday of each month.

At our February Roundtable, we'll have special guest, Kevin Trojan, to fill us in on what's new, what to expect, and what to get excited for at summer camp this year at Maumee. Slots for camp are filling up fast, so be sure to reserve yours ASAP! He'll also be meeting with our Cub Scout leaders to share upcoming Cub Scout specific events and activities. You won't want to miss this night!

In March, we have our annual District Recognition Dinner. Registration for this awesome evening will go online shortly. We'll be able to honor and recognize Scouts and leaders for their accomplishments and impacts throughout this past year. We'll also have the Council Key 3 in attendance for our annual Fireside Chat. This is a great evening for being able to ask questions, find out more about how the Council operates, and share ideas. We hope to see you there!

New Sharing Space for Units!

Look to the right of this web page, and you'll see a bulletin board for our District. This posting board is available to everyone in the District. Looking for ideas for a Blue and Gold Banquet, or have a great one to share? Post it and share it! Have a couple spaces open on a Venture Crew outing? Let the District know! Questions, ideas, gear tips, and more are all awesome things for our bulletin board. Make use of our new communication tool!

District Bulletin Board