Hoosier Hills District

Proudly serving the youth and families of Dearborn, Jefferson, Ripley, Ohio, and Switzerland Counties.

District Key 3 Leadership

District Chairman:  Marc Cerniglia, 860.212.2284

District Commissioner:  Bob Mattingly, 812.438.3182

District Executive:  Jules Erwin, 812.336.6809

Tami Bolling, a new Cub Scout in Pack 693!


A note from Jules:

The fall season is fading. All the brightness of the changing leaves, the fresh notebooks and newly sharpened pencils in school, the cheers of kids at youth sports, and the crackle of a campfire…they’re turning into just memories as we move towards snow days and slushy streets.

It’s almost like the autumn just takes one big shuddering last yawn and then settles into a wintery slumber for a few months. A big sleepy winter sounds probably pretty lovely to all of us human creatures, as well, especially after such a busy back-to-school season.

I want to say thank you for all your efforts this fall with Cub Scout recruitment. For every one of you awesome adult leaders who hand-lettered signs to post around town, who spread the word at community and sporting events, who met with me to pick up and turn in apps in parking lots and on doorsteps, who have answered countless questions about Cub Scouting from new parents, who painstakingly prepared meeting activities and welcome packets, who were able to take a new Cub Scout on their first outing…my winter cap is off to you! YOU ARE AMAZING. You keep Scouting alive and exciting for our boys and girls!

I also want to say thank you to those of you who were so incredibly instrumental in popcorn sales this fall. The millions of calculations and phone calls you had to make, the arrangements for Show and Sells, the ceaseless loading and unloading of cases from cars, the constant search for more caramel corn, the hours and hours spent on weekends standing at tables or dragging a wagon around…you deserve an ice cream! THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are helping to make things more accessible for your unit and your kids.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone else. This District has some long time volunteers and leaders and it is fantastic. From our beloved Geezer Patrol who are always working hard on projects at Louis to our seasoned Scout experts who are always ready to step in and help out the newbies; from the folks that show the extra effort to volunteer on the District level and keep things moving to the parents that may not be registered, but still show up to help out. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. We see you. We appreciate you more than you know.

Let’s jump into the winter with our snow boots on and keep the spirit of Scouting warm in the Hills. If you find yourself ever asking “Why, again, do I do ALL this???” Well, get to the next meeting or outing as fast as you can, take one good look at a kid laughing and having fun or learning a new skill, file that mental picture away, and pat yourself on the back for being one of those adults who helps kids know that they are cool and worth spending time with. You’re amazing.


Join your friends and fellow scouters for this fantastic Fall Hike on Saturday, November 3rd. This year, we’ll be traversing the trails of the gorgeous Hanover College campus in Hanover. Hanover offers a variety of landscapes and recreational opportunities, including a hike to a waterfall. We’ll start the hikes at 9AM and the last trail group will go out at 230PM. Bring a packed lunch and plan for a picnic. Don’t forget your water bottle, sturdy shoes, and to dress for the weather. You can register online at hoosiertrailsbsa.org. The cost for the event is $5 per person and includes a cool patch.


January 26 will see the return of our annual Hoosier Hills Merit Badge Day. Details as to location are still being worked out at the time of publication, but will be posted shortly. Cost per Scout will be $10 and will include a patch. We’ll also be hosting some adult leader trainings at the same event this year! Plan to bring a sack lunch to eat during break time. If you are willing to present a merit badge or adult training, please let us know!


Hoosier Hills will be hosting a spring camporee at Camp Louis Ernst on April 12-14, 2019. The theme for our event will be Indian Lore. Details such as cost and activities will be available by February. Our camporee captain is Bob Getz with Troop 721. We are looking for activity leaders and helpers at this time, as well. We are very excited to bring a District camporee back to the Hills!

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Jules Erwin at jules.erwin@scouting.org or call up to the Council Office at 812 336 6809.


The Hoosier Trails Council is no longer issuing paper recharter packets. On September 17, National sent out emails to every unit that included recharter information and access codes. Please search your email if you did not notice and see this. A couple of notes:

  1. If you haven’t seen this email and still need an access code, please contact Jules.
  2. Nothing has changed in the recharter system…all paperwork is the same. You can find all the forms you need online on the Council website.
  3. Remember that all adults must have completed the updated Youth Protection Training.
  4. When you first sign in to recharter, you MUST sign in as a new user. You can only use the “returning user” login once you have initially signed in.
  5. You MUST turn in a paper copy to the Council.


Look directly below this article and you will see a bulletin board for our District. This posting board is available to everyone in the District. Looking for ideas for a Blue and Gold Banquet, or have a great one to share? Post it and share it! Have a couple spaces open on a Venture Crew outing? Let the District know! Questions, ideas, gear tips, and more are all awesome things for our bulletin board. Make use of our new communication tool!